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Biography of IS

     IS is a songwriter/music producer and she was born May 18, 1977 in the Philippines.  Izabeyah Shower is her legal name.  Her family moved to the United States when she was 4 years old to Perkasie, Pennsylvania and then they moved to Derby, Kansas in the year of 1985.  She has been residing in Kansas for most of her life.  Izabeyah’ s birthname was Alleryn Passion Johnson.  She is the lastborn of Allan H. and Erlinda P. Johnson.  She has 2 half -brothers, 1 brother, 1 half-sister, and 2 sisters. 

     IS was put into piano lessons when she was five years old.  She was first chair violinist in 5th grade and stayed in orchestra through most of high school.  She began playing the guitar when she was 18 years old then began songwriting when she was approximately 23 years old.  It wasn’t until October of 2019 that she began publishing and distributing her music.  Her first release was an EP titled Sacred Garden.  She recorded this using only a computer with software.  A real studio would have an interface and microphone used to record but she did not have one at the time.  Her later releases were more on a professional level since she had the equipment necessary to record her music.

     IS has 3 children.  Hannah, Samuel, and Brayden.  They all reside in Kansas.  She married at the age of 23 to Brandon and stayed married for 7 ½ years while they bore children.  They studied the Bible during their marriage and were primarily a religious family.  Izabeyah has suffered from mental illness since her teenage years and has been treated on a regular basis.  Since the year 2020, she has been off her meds and seems to be improving. IS is releasing an Album called You Shareth Time which should be releasing in April of 2020.  She also has an EP called Tourniquet releasing in April of 2020.  IS has dedicated her life to be a professional songwriter.

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