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IS Press Kit

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Do You Love New Music?  Then you need new music!  New album titled, “The Master Plan” by IS releasing in 2021 following the release of the single, “The Bigger Picture” set to release June 18, 2021(includes bonus track).




Get Ready for IS’s new album, “The Master Plan.” 




Releasing August 13, 2021.



     IS is a singer/songwriter who is previously known as Izabeyah Shower.  She began her music journey at the age of 5 yrs. old, playing piano and learned guitar and violin by the age of 18.  In her adulthood is when songwriting became a passion and IS began distributing music in the Winter of 2019. 


     “The Master Plan” will be IS, also known as Izabeyah Shower’s 3rd album.  It is a very pop oriented album and was written on a synthesizer.  It will be releasing on all major streaming platforms.  IS is planning to tour in the Winter of 2021 for this album.




“IS is very prolific”, said Bluebeat Shelter


“Music so good, I am happy to buy it”, said by Ben Blackett of Blackett Music.



Web Address: | Twitter | IG | Facebook


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